Saturday 29th April 2017 5:29pm


Many years ago I used to write programs for on old mainframe system running an operating system called PICK. As I was learning what the system was capable of I discovered a command that could send a broadcast message to all dummy terminals connected to the mainframe. Curiosity eventually got the better of me and I decided to try it out. Now all I needed was a message.

When I was younger there was a TV comedy show in the UK called The Two Ronnies and one of the sketches they performed was a victorian crime story about two detectives trying to catch the elusive Phantom Raspberry Blower of old London town. Who used to kill his victims by blowing raspberrys, as informal english term for farting.

So I sent the message

The Phantom Raspberry Blower strikes again!!!

Sure enough every terminal within the company displayed the same message. It was a talking point for a while with everybody wondering who sent it.

Anyway a few years ago I became interested in playing around with Raspberry Pi’s so when it came to creating a username on GitHub I naturally chose the name Phantom Raspberry Blower.

As a bit of fun I set myself certain projects involving Raspberry Pi’s. When you start learning how to do anything making detailed notes is imperative … especially if months or even years later you want to do someting similar but can’t remember how you did it. So I started writing instructions on how I accomplish certain tasks; these notes were primarily intended to be my personal notes, a way of reminding myself.

One of the projects I wanted to complete was building a cheap web server using a Raspberry Pi and rather than have a collection of notes scattered about; I wanted to organise my notes by publishing them on this web site.

So have a browse around, I hope you find something useful. 🙂

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