Kodi Addon: System Info (version 0.1.1)

Sunday 15th September 2019 1:56am

Displays system information:

System info displays information about the software, CPU, hardware, memory, storage and network; including connections to previous networks along with WiFi passwords:

  • Software

    • Username, Hostname, Platform, Distribution, Dist. Version, System, Node, Release, Version, Machine, Processor
  • CPU

    • Model, Cores, Temperature, Hardware, Revision, Serial Number
  • Memory

    • Total RAM, Used RAM, Free RAM
  • Storage

    • Path, Total Space, Used Space, Free Space
  • Networks

    • Current Network
      • LAN IP Address, (Ethernet, Wireless), Gateway, WAN IP Address
      • Whois
        • Netname, Role, Description, Country
    • Previous Netorks
      • Name, SSID, Frequency, Favorite, Auto-connect, Modified Date, Passphrase, IPv4 Method, IPv4 DHCP Last Address, IPv6 Method, IPv6 Privacy, IPv4 Netmask Prefix Length, IPv4 Local Address, IPv4 Gateway
    • Network Devices
      • Address, Hardware Type, Hardware Address (MAC), Flags, Mask, Interface


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