Kodi Tutorial: Weather

Sunday 4th November 2018 4:08pm

View the latest weather forecast on Kodi

To view the weather forcast over the next 7 days we first need to set our current location. At the Home screen navigate to the System menu:

Next navigate to Services:

Services Settings

At the Services – Settings screen move down to the Weather option and navigate to the right. If the ‘Service for weather information’ states None we need to first install a weather addon. Select ‘Service for weather information’  and choose ‘Yahoo! Weather’:

Weather Provider

Next we need to define the location so select Settings:

Services Settings Weather

Select the first option and type your location:

Type Weather Location

After typing the location the weather addon select Done to show a list of possible locations. Choose your location from the list:

Select Weather Location

After making your selection click onto OK to save the changes:

Services Settings Weather OK

Next navigate back to the Home screen where you will notice a new menu item Weather:

Main Weather Menu

Select the Weather menu item to display todays weather and the forecast over the next 7 days:

Yahoo Weather

That’s All Folks!!!

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