Kodi Tutorial: Cleaning the Video Library

Monday 5th November 2018 1:40am

Why Clean the Video Library?

Sometimes we can delete videos from the hard drive by pluging the hard drive into another computer or maybe deleting videos over the network. When deleting videos this way Kodi needs to be informed of these changes so that it can remove the video from its library.

At the Home screen navigate to and select System:

System Main Menu

Next navigate to Media:

System Setting Media Menu

To be able to clean the video library we need to make sure we have the Settings Level set to Advanced:

System Setting Level Adv

Next under Video Library section select Clean Library:

Clean Video Library

You will prompted to confirm cleaning the library. Navigate to the left and select Yes:

Clean Video Library Prompt

You will see the progress displayed once the clean process begins:

Clean Video Library Progress

Next: Clean Music Library

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