Kodi Addon: PRB Install Everything EP (version 1.14.0)

Friday 14th December 2018 3:06am

PRB Install Everything Icon

PRB Install Everything EP (entertainment pack) is an addon that forces some addons to be installed and stops the removal of these addons.; it works in partnership with the PRB Clean addon which is responsible for removing addons that become obsolete or depricated. By combining these addons it is possible to keep Kodi upto date with the latest working addons.

Over time it has evolved to include the following functions:

  • Setting up an external hard drive or network drive as the location for downloading media files.
  • Setting the download locations for included addons that have the option to download.
  • Manually run the PRB Clean addon.

Some addons allow the downloading of media files but require the user to manually set the download directories for each one. PRB Install Everything automates this with just a few clicks it will:

  • Create Folders:
    • Addons, Backups, Movies, Music, Pictures, Screen Shots, TV Shows
  • Define the default locations for the above folders.
  • Modify the download location settings for addons that have a download option to these folders.

NOTE: To setup a network drive on Kodi upto version 18 requires you to define each download path manually for Addons, Backups, Movies, Music, Pictures, Screen Shots and TV Shows.


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